Class teachers

Our class teachers are all trained birthlight baby swimming teachers.

Sally-Lomas-DolphinSally Lomas (Teacher and Director)

I have always enjoyed working intuitively and flexibly. From my years of experience as an artist in London to my closer contact with families in my work as a teacher and counsellor, and now my involvement with Birthlight, I have tried to be true to my inner feelings and values.

I originally trained as a textiles designer and with a partner opened a shop in Fulham Road producing exclusive hand painted silks. I learnt to combine my creative ideas with commercial realism. Although the business was successful I felt the need to expand my horizons and left the UK to travel through Asia, Australia and North America. I was fascinated by the glimpses into the lives of other cultures. I feel travelling has helped me to open my mind, to accept and explore different attitudes in the knowledge that we can all learn from and help each other.


Kayla-Lomas-Kirton-DolphinKayla Lomas-Kirton

I trained as a swim teacher 5 years ago, inspired by my mum Sally and my love of babies. I live and work as a professional dancer in London.

I love teaching, having the ability to aid and observe the development of babies as well as witnessing the ever evolving beautiful bond created between parent and child in the water is so rewarding. I also teach dance to young children and see the positive effect movement and rhythm has on every aspect of their development.



Lorraine-LuckLorraine Luck








salimaSalima Vivian


All through my own childhood and to this day swimming has always been such a joy for me and now with the help and training of the Birthlight Infant Aquatics team I look forward to sharing that joy with all our swimming family.

I began my teaching journey helping on poolside for the past 12 months and it’s been such a pleasure to watch the growth in confidence and development of all the children who swim with us. I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm and pass on Birthlight’s learning skills to you and your family.


 marina-westMarina West


Originally from North West of Russia, I spent several years working in Moscow in the finance area then moved to London to do my MBA where I met my husband.  After that my life had significantly changed, we came to live in Cambridge and soon after I gave birth to my son.

I have always enjoyed swimming and got into swimming from very young age, therefore wanted my son to start swimming as soon as possible. I enjoy spending time with my son at home and attending various baby classes and meeting up other mums with their babies.