Swim Programme

Our programme is designed so that you can join us at any time from 6 weeks old through to independent swimming, so it does not matter at what stage or age your children join us. Whether they are confident or timid in the water you will be made to feel welcome.

Babies, toddlers and young children

We have designed the programme to include all the different age groups to correspond with what they are  capable of learning to do in the water at their developmental stage in life. Our  programme enhances their learning potential on a physical, social and  cognitive level.  Starting with the Cutie the Clam bonding, floating, swimming together and their first underwater journeys  and moving through the stages gathering up all our fun sea family characters up to Smiley the Turtle 3-4 years moving into independent swimming skills.

We have swim certificates which are an indicator of what you and your child are learning to do in class  – not  all skills need be achieved  before receiving one. We have a non competitive philosophy at the dolphin, using the certificates as a gentle guide and a celebration of this joyful  and fun journey together.

Over the years we have had many babies and young children with special needs learn to swim with us. In our view the sooner we get special baby’s /children with Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, central-nervous system disorders and autistic babies into the water floating, swimming and enjoying the water environment the better their overall development will be both physically, mentally, and socially.

At our swim school we don’t have special needs swimming groups and classes. We have an inclusive policy treating every parent and child as unique and individual.

Our program is designed so it does not matter at what stage or age your children join us. Whether they are confident or timid in the water you will be made to feel welcome.

Cutie the Clam (0-3 months)

Enter into a magical experience, watch with delight as your baby floats serenely in the water. Something to remember forever!   We encourage a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere helping you to relax and enjoy a magical time in the water with you and your baby together. We teach you how to handle your baby with a lightness of touch that still feels supportive.   More>

Twinkle the Starfish (3-9 months)

Swimming with babies. Babies have open hearts and minds and are ready to embrace new experiences. They are eager for communication and interaction.   Their bodies are flexible and unfolding. Water provides the stimulation of touch, movement and rhythm and well as the stillness of deep relaxation the loving handling of babies during our baby swimming sessions promotes early bonding and creates a secure and happy foundation of well- being.   More>

Bubbles the Seahorse (9-15 mths)

Baby/toddler swimming. Muscle development proceeds more rapidly at this time especially in water.  They now take great pleasure in prolonged interaction, are on the go now, now animated in the water splashing and able to move at quite a pace on their fronts they have stronger backs and greater head control giving them the opportunity for swimming with woggles and jumping in.  More>

Snappy the Crab (15 mths – 2 yrs)

Toddler swimming. This is the age of ‘maximum effort the toddler puts every ounce of energy into each activity, there is a blossoming of language, our babies are walking, talking little independent beings.  There is a surge of self confidence with a strong desire to ‘do it myself’ toddlers enjoy an opportunity to show off their skills and will now interact more with their peers.  More>

Ollie the Octopus (2 – 3 years)

Preschool swimming. Like Ollie, the children are wonderful explorers of the deep and there arms and legs work a little like Ollie’s (all over the place!) we will be working using progressive practice to help them control those tentacles of theirs and become more streamlined as they swim and have fun.   More>

Smiley the Turtle (3-4 years)

Preschool swimming. Like Smiley the children are starting to glide with ease and speed becoming confident happy swimmers. Most of your little ones are by this time swimming further and enjoying the transition to independent swimming. They are practising progressive water safety skills (treading water, jumping in and swimming back the edge of pool) and stroke development.  More>