Free trial class

We invite new parents and babies to join us for a free trial class. Come and see why we are different from other swim schools and enjoy our gentle encouraging approach.

We’ve taught over 10,000 babies to swim, so we have the experience, but what is really important to us is that each baby is an individual and that we can provide a nurturing environment where you can relax and bond with your baby. Being a local swim school we are small enough to give you personal attention, to meet the individual needs of you baby and to help you make the most of this precious time with your baby so that you can truly experience the joy of moving in the water together.

Having worked with families for many years we understand it is not always possible to make it to class.  At the Joyful Dolphin we aim to be flexible and maximise your time in the water, Although It is strongly recommended that you attend regularly to support your child’s progress, we do understand when you may need to miss the occasional class. We are happy to offer a make-up classes though this is subject to there being a space available in a suitable class within the appropriate age group (max make up classes 2 per term).

If you’re sure you want to swim with us then we’d advise making a booking as this will guarantee your class place, as bookings have priority over free trial classes for limited class places. Trial classes are not usually available in our weekend classes as these are our most popular and generally booked up before the start of the term.

Contact us to arrange a free trial class.

Some great reasons to choose us to share this special time with your child.