Swimming Guidelines

All our guidelines are to make sure everyone has a fun, positive and safe experience in their classes. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


It’s so lovely to have a photo memory of your time in the water and we are happy for someone on poolside to take a photo of you and your child. There are some important guidelines that need to be followed so we can continue to allow photographs to be taken.

  • Only a small discreet camera or a phone can be used
  • No Flash photography
  • The photo is only of you and your family, not the group
  • No cameras are allowed in the water
  • Just a few photos, not continuously through the session

Poolside etiquette

Whilst waiting for your class or if you are watching the session, please talk quietly and stay away from the edge of the pool. This helps to keep the atmosphere calm and relaxed especially for the young babies. For all the children’s safety please do not sit on the steps or enter the water until invited in by your teacher.

Make up classes

We are under no obligation to refund or transfer any monies in the event that you are unable to attend part of, or the entire course. However, we do understand that children get sick and on occasion you may miss a class – for this reason we operate a make-up class policy.

  • Make ups must be booked with the office, not your class teacher
  • A maximum of 2 classes can be replaced per term
  • Make ups must be taken in the current term, they can’t be carried over to the next term
  • Sessions cannot be guaranteed and will depend on space being available in an age appropriate class. You can look at the class schedule to see the classes that might be available but this will need to be confirmed as the class may be full or have other make ups booked already
  • If a make up session is missed on the day or cancelled within 24 hours it will count as the class and another will not be offered
  • To arrange your make up class please contact us via email – not by phone or text
  • We’d suggest not leaving it until the end of term as places are limited due to the number of classes left, they may also have been already booked
  • If you know you’re going to miss a class due to holidays etc. then a make up can be booked in advance of that absence

Swim nappies

Please remember that until your baby is reliably potty trained they must wear properly fitting swim nappies.  We cannot let you in the pool otherwise. A double layer is needed – this essentially means a disposable swim nappy + specialised swim nappy such as a ‘Happy Nappy’. We sell Happy Nappies at the pool

Joyful Independent swimmers – minimum age 3 years old

Your child will need to be able to stand up and regain their feet after jumping or falling over and swim a distance of 1 meter without their feet touching the floor. They will need to be confident and emotionally ready not to have their parent present in the pool. This can be discussed with your teacher before moving class so we are sure to meet all individual needs. There will be a maximum of 6 swimmers in independent classes.