We’ve put together some ‘FAQ’s which we hope you find helpful. If you’ve any further queries just contact us.

Classes suitable for babies from 6 weeks to children of 6 years. All babies and children are placed in age appropriate groups.
Our classes are 30 minutes.
We only book classes on a termly basis, or if the term has started the remainder of classes within the term. A booking is made for a particular weekly class, we do make up classes for missed classes (subject to a maximum of 2 per term).

Subject to availability you can join our classes part way through a term. You will be charged for the number of classes left in the term.
For class costs please see Class Costs

Payment is required in advance of joining the classes for the term (normally 12 weeks).  We don’t operate on a ‘pay per class’ basis.

We don’t offer a reduction on the class fees due to holidays / not being able to attend classes. We do offer make up classes (max 2 per term) – make up class details.

Most classes will include:

  • Specific holds to ensure safety and to stimulate movement and fun in the water
  • Preparation or participation in submersion by dips, jumps or dives
  • Swimming with your baby
  • Specific instruction as a group and individual attention when needed
  • Free time to practice your skills and to play
  • Games, songs and rhymes

For more detailed information about the activities at your child’s age please see our swim programme.

The NHS guidelines state that there is no risk to babies and you may join classes at any time. (information from www.immunisation.com.) If you have any questions please consult your GP or health visitor.
Yes, you can attend classes as a non-swimmer. Please make sure our class teacher is aware that you cannot swim so that they may adapt any class activities or provide you with extra support as necessary.
Try to relax and enjoy your time in the water together. Progress at your own pace and always ask your teacher for individual help if you feel the need for further instruction or reassurance. Watch your baby carefully they will all enjoy different movements and remember they love repetition! Try to attend regularly as this will give both you and your baby a sense of progression and of support.

We have put together some more tips to help you enjoy your classes.

You will need to bring with you:

  • Swim nappies.  Please remember that until your baby is reliably potty trained they must wear properly fitting swim nappies.  We cannot let you in the pool otherwise. A double layer is needed – this essentially means a disposable swim nappy + specialised swim nappy (such as a Happy Nappy). We sell Happy Nappies at the pool
  • A hat or hood that covers your child’s ears for when they leave the building
  • A hooded towel for when they get out of the pool
  • Your swimming kit
  • A drink and/or snack for after the class for your baby (and probably you too!) – but please remember not to eat in the changing rooms
Swimming is unlikely to worsen a mild condition such as a cold.

It is not advisable to bring your baby swimming if they have a bad cold, an infection of any kind, a temperature or a childhood illness such as: chicken pox, measles or mumps.

People suffering from diarrhoea must not swim, EVER – or for 48 hours after the last bout. This is crucial and will never be compromised on in our pool. The effects on the pool from a leak or contamination can be devastating and we wish to avoid this at all times. Those who have been diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis must not swim for 14 days after diarrhoea has stopped, as infective spores can still be released in that period.

If you are not sure about any medical condition in relation to swimming, please always speak to a health professional.

With babies it is often difficult to organise activities for exactly the right time of day especially as routines can change week to week. It is fine to feed your young baby before or even during a class. For babies on solids it is preferable to leave some time before coming to class. Many babies enjoy a feed or snack after their swim.

Tired babies will not get the most from their swim so try to give them a nap beforehand or do not hesitate to leave the pool if your baby has had enough.

So that you can enjoy your classes and make your time with us stress free, please arrive 15 minutes before your class is due to begin to give yourself plenty of time to get changed and stay relaxed.

About the pool facility

  • You must shower yourself and your child before entering the water.  The cleaner we keep the pool, the less chemicals are needed in the water
  • Shoes and socks should be removed before entering the swimming pool area and changing rooms.
Yes, we’re happy for your partner to come and watch the class.
Every child is different in their focus and intent and in their physical strength and development. Birthlight babies will develop a love and understanding of the water and from a young age will be able to move freely with minimal support. We teach without armbands mainly supporting the babies with our hands and body with the fun use also of floats and swim woggles. Babies learn to feel their own buoyancy and to propel themselves across the pool. Always remember there are learning curves and plateau, just relax and have fun.
Children at the Dolphin feel at home in the Water because we always listen to our children. Respect their wishes and respond to their needs.

The philosophy behind submersion is clear: babies, with proper nurturing and care, have a spontaneous and relaxed relationship with water. Our swimming classes offer a perfect opportunity to develop this and allowing parent and baby time to bond.

More details on our approach to submersion.

There is free parking and somewhere to leave buggies at all of the pools.